Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

The Payroll Administration module will integrate with other functional areas within the SCEIS HR/Payroll system to generate accurate payments to the state’s employees. Payroll Administration is fully integrated with Time Management, Organizational Management and Personnel Administration. It also calculates payroll taxes on payments and deductions and initiates vendor payments and postings to the general ledger.

Listed below are some of the key payroll-related benefits that have been identified as a result of the SCEIS HR/Payroll implementation.

Integration with Human Resources and Time Management

  • Personnel actions and changes to personnel data automatically adjust employee payroll details (e.g., promotions, work schedule changes or legislative increases).


Pay Adjustments

  • The pay adjustment process will be calculated automatically in the SCEIS HR/Payroll system. The system will identify discrepancies in payment amounts and flag them for intervention by payroll personnel to help correct the discrepancies as required.

Retirement Systems Interface

  • Retirement enrollment information will be entered into SCEIS and passed to the Retirement Systems via interface, improving the accuracy and consistency of an employee’s information and important service dates across systems.

Travel Management in SCEIS

  • Travel reimbursements can be initiated in Employee Self-Service (ESS), replacing many forms currently processed manually.
  • Meal and mileage amounts will be calculated in the system based on trip distance and start and end times. Manual calculations will no longer be required to ensure reimbursement.