Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration Personnel Administration (PA), along with Organizational Management, is one component of Human Resources in SCEIS. PA is traditionally characterized by numerous individual pieces of information, which must be stored, updated and evaluated for each agency employee.

Listed below are some of the key PA-related benefits that have been identified as a result of the SCEIS HR/Payroll system implementation.

Integration with Other Functions
  • Changes made in Personnel Administration to employee master data will update automatically in Organizational Management, Payroll Administration, Travel Management, Time Management and even Employee and Manager Self-Service, if applicable.
Automated Personnel Action Screens
  • SCEIS will automatically pull up screens required to complete specific personnel actions (e.g. new hires, rehires, transfers, separations), eliminating the need for HR professionals to remember which screens need to be accessed and updated.
  • SCEIS will also automatically link and display additional screens and forms based on information entered into the system.
Validation of Field Data
  • SCEIS uses lists and drop down menus so that HR professinals no longer have to memorize the various SCEIS field codes, such as codes indicating an employee’s educational background or the reason codes for an action.
Automated Employee Data and Records Transfer
  • When an employee already has personnel data in SCEIS but transfers from one agency to another, all human resources data and records in the system will move with him or her.