Organizational Management

Organizational Management Organizational Management (OM), one of two modules that make up the HR component of SCEIS, is composed of organizational units, jobs (classes), positions and the relationships that connect them together to create hierarchies within an agency.

Listed below are some of the key OM-related benefits that have been identified as a result of the SCEIS HR/Payroll System implementation.

Integration with Other Functions
  • Changes made in Organizational Management will update automatically in Personnel Administration, Payroll Administration, Travel Management, Time Management and even Employee and Manager Self-Service, if applicable.
Proactive HR Planning
  • The OM module provides a clear picture of the organization-past, present or future. This information allows an organization to be proactive in planning for its future human resources needs.
In-Depth Position Views
  • Agencies will be able to see all of the agency positions in a particular county using the “county code” field that is available for each position
  • Agencies will be able to see which positions are central office positions within their particular agency by utilizing the appropriate field to highlight those positions.
  • Agencies will now be able to indicate positions that are exempt from the State Employee Grievance Act by filling in the appropriate field