Resources for Payroll Success


The SCEIS Team and the Office of the Comptroller General are pleased to offer the resources linked below, which include a listing of key reports for payroll processing, the SCEIS Payroll Checklist and the SCEIS Payroll Reporting Guide made up of a series of mini-guides that provide step-by-step instructions for all key reports for payroll processing. We hope you find these resources useful. After reviewing these resources, if you have additional questions about payroll processing in SCEIS, please contact the SCEIS Service Desk at (803) 896-0001 (select option 1 for SCEIS help) or by completing the  SCEIS Service Desk Help Request form.


Payroll Resources

Presentation: SCEIS PY510 Finance Overview of Payroll Workshop (1.2mb PDF) 

Presentation: Changes to Leave Without Pay (July 28, 2011; 1.4mb PDF)

Listing of Key Reports for Payroll Processing (32kb XLS)

SCEIS Agency Payroll Checklist (114kb PDF)

Comptroller General's Office Payroll Schedule (Link)

Enterprise Structure Handout (605kb XLS)  
The Enterprise Structure Handout is the key to understanding mapping of General Ledger Accounts.

Listing of Key Wage Types in SCEIS (52kb XLS)

Listing of Approved HR/Payroll Infotypes in SCEIS (35kb XLS)



SCEIS Payroll Reporting Guides

Mini Guide: Wage Type Reporter (PC00_M99_CWTR) (3.2mb PDF)

Listing of Key Wage Types in SCEIS (52kb XLS)

Mini Guide: Payroll Simulation Report (PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU) (1.2mb PDF)

Mini Guide: ZHR Missing Infotype Report  (ZHR_MISSING_INFOTYPE) (542kb PDF)

Mini Guide: Exemption Expiration Report (S_PH9_46000360) (780kb PDF)

Mini Guide: W-4 Withholding Allowance Report (S_PH9_46000361) (727kb PDF)

Mini Guide: Labor Distribution Report (ZHRLDISTR) (2.6mb PDF)