Getting Assistance with MySCEmployee


Step 1 - Not sure how your agency will be using the system to manage leave requests,  time worked, and other areas of the system? Please talk with your direct supervisor or the person in your agency who typically helps you with such questions.


Step 2 - Need to get answers about your paycheck? As you have always done, check with  the person in your agency who answers questions about your paycheck.


Step 3 - Having trouble accessing the system, or using it after you have logged in?

    a.     Review the MySCEmployee Reference Guide and Quick Reference Cards available at

    b.     Visit the MySCEmployee Training for SCDOT Employees page or the MySCEmployee Training for SCDOT Users page to review the appropriate training course. Available courses include:

            - ESS100 MySCEmployee - Employee Self Service Course

            - ESS110 MySCEmployee - Time Entry Course

            - MSS100 MySCEmployee - Manager Self Service Course

            - MSS110 MySCEmployee - Manager Self Service Time Approval Course

    c.     Contact your direct supervisor or the person in your agency who helps you with these types of questions.


Step 4 - If you are unable to get assistance from someone in your agency, contact the SCEIS Service Desk at (803) 896-0001 (Select option 1 for SCEIS Help) or use the email form available at

In some cases, the SCEIS Service Desk will be able to answer your questions immediately. In other cases, they will contact the Office of Human Resources, the Comptroller General’s Office or the SCEIS Team for input.