SCEIS develops, coordinates and delivers training courses targeted to end users, agency staff members who conduct work in SCEIS, based on the type of work they perform. Training courses that each individual will need are:

  • Determined based on the type of work their agency indicates they will perform in SCEIS
  • Offered in a variety of formats which vary from instructor led classroom/computer lab sessions to online training and blended session

General SCEIS Overview Documents

The following valuable tools will help agency employees who wish to learn more about SCEIS as they prepare for SCEIS training and implementation. These handouts provide a high-level SCEIS overview, answer frequently asked questions and offer a quick reference list to help everyone become familiar with commonly used abbreviations.

Introduction and Overview of SCEIS - (220kb MS Word)

Common Acronyms - (885kb MS Word)

FAQs for Finance and Material Management - (885kb MS Word)