Getting Assistance with Finance, Materials Management and Human Resources / Payroll Transactions in ECC


Step 1: Check one of the following SCEIS resources. If this does not resolve the questions, proceed to number 2.    

    a. Visit the SCEIS website ( ), and click the “FAQs” button on the top  navigation bar.   
    b. Check SCEIS uPerform documentation available at .   
    c. Refer to course materials you received through SCEIS training.


Step 2: Ask someone in your agency who has either been assigned to provide initial help or someone you know who has completed training on the topic you are researching. If this does not resolve the problem, proceed to number 3.


Step 3: Contact the SCEIS Service Desk by phone or email. Service Desk staff will create a help ticket and work to resolve your issue. Service Desk contact information:  

    a. Phone: (803) 896-0001 (Select option 1 for SCEIS Help)  

    b. Email:


Step 4: If SCEIS Service Desk staff cannot resolve your issue, they will send it the SCEIS team for assistance.