Important Information Regarding the September 30 Payday


SCDOT Employees:


Employee Payday Checklist

To prepare for a successful first payroll out of the new human resources and payroll system on September 30, the SCEIS team encourages employees to review, and if appropriate, follow the steps outlined in the following checklist:

  • Take the MySCEmployee training courses available at
  • Review the Quick Reference Cards and MySCEmployee Reference Guide for SCDOT Users available at
  • Log in to ensure you have access to MySCEmployee (user ids and passwords were distributed in early September).
  • Beginning September 30, access your pay statement through the My Pay area of MySCEmployee. (Note: If accessing MySCEmployee from home, ensure Adobe Acrobat Reader is loaded on your computer. This software is required to view your pay statement, which is created in PDF format. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from

Support on September 30

SCEIS would like for SCDOT employees to especially be aware that there will be a team of key resources working together to address any special situations that may arise through Service Desk calls on September 30. The group will be comprised of employees from the Comptroller General’s Office, the Office of the State Treasurer and the Office of Human Resources. Key members of human resources staff from SCDOT will be serving on this resource team.

Any SCDOT employee who has questions on September 30 should follow the steps listed below:

  • As you have always done, check with the person in your agency who answers paycheck-related questions.
  • Contact the SCDOT Help Desk by phone or email. The SCDOT Help Desk staff will create a help ticket and work to resolve your issue. If SCDOT Help Desk cannot resolve your issue, they will contact the SCEIS Service Desk on your behalf. SCDOT Help Desk contact information:
  • Contact the SCEIS Service Desk by phone or email. Service Desk staff will create a help ticket and work to resolve your issue. Service Desk contact information: