Acronyms in SAPedia

Like most technology systems, SAP is rife with acronyms — starting with its own name. Here's a quick guide to some of the most common acronyms both for SAP in general and specifically for South Carolina's implementation project.

Acronyms in SAPedia
ABAPAdvanced Business Application Programming - SAP's main programming language
AMAsset Management
AMMLAgency Material Master Liaison
APAccounts Payable
ARAccounts Receivable
ASTAgency Support Team
BIBusiness Intelligence
BPPBusiness Process Procedure
BWBusiness Warehouse
COControlling. A finance component of SAP
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
DEVDevelopment - The technology "landscape" where business processes are originated
ECCEnterprise Core Component - The "brains" of SAP
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning - The term for any enterprise-wide, integrated system for managing business processes across multiple disciplines and locations (SAP is one of the leading suppliers of ERP systems)
ESSEmployee Self Service - Allows each employee to maintain his or her personal data directly
FERICEForms, Enterprise Reporting, Interfaces, Conversions and Enhancements - The custom-designed computer programming required to accommodate certain South-Carolina-specific functions in SAP for the SCEIS system
FIFinancial Accounting
FMFunds Management
FTEFull Time Equivalent
GL or G/LGeneral Ledger
GMGrants Management
HRHuman Resources
HR/PYHuman Resources and Payroll
ICAIndependent Computing Architecture - Citrix protocol for passing data between server and clients
ISISImage Scanner Interface Specification - An industry-standard interface for image-scanning technologies
ITMOInformation Technology Management Office - SC's central purchasing office for Information Technology items
LSMWLegacy Systems Migration Workbench - Facilitates transfer of data from legacy system to SAP
MMMaterials Management - Includes purchasing, inventory control, etc.
MMOMaterials Management Office - SC's central purchasing office for items other than Information Technology items
MSSManager Self Service - Allows each manager to maintain employee information directly
OMOrganizational Management
PAPersonnel Administration
PMProcurement Management
PRDProduction - The technology "landscape" where the live system resides
QASQuality Assurance - The technology "landscape" where refined processes are tested
SAP"Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte" (Systems, Applications and Products) - The German-originated software which is the foundation of SCEIS
SBXSandbox - The technology "landscape" where developing processes are tested
SCEISSC Enterprise Information System - The statewide integrated system to carry out financial, materials management, human resources and payroll processes in South Carolina government
SMESubject Matter Expert - Individuals from many State agencies whose expertise in State government business processes and input to the project are essential to building SCEIS to meet the state's needs
SRMSupplier Relationship Management - The "shopping" functionalities in SCEIS
TRNTraining - The technology "landscape" that mirrors the live Production system, supports classes and students' practice and testing
TWAINTechnology Without An Intelligent Name - A standard for acquiring images from scanners
WIAWindows Image Acquisition - A Windows driver that communicates between graphics software and imaging hardware