MySCEmployee Tools for SCDOT

One of the critical steps in the implementation of MySCEmployee is ensuring employee awareness throughout SCDOT. Below you will find Toolkit items for your agency's use.  Please download and distribute these items through your agency's newsletters, intranet announcements, meetings and frequently viewed poster locations (e.g. break rooms) to keep your employees informed of MySCEmployee.

Important note about saving and printing PDF flyers and posters:  Before printing a pdf file, save it to your hard drive, shared drive, or other location where you will maintain your MySCEmployee Communications files, by clicking on "Save a Copy," in the upper left-hand corner of your web browser. Once your local copy is saved, open it and click "File" in the upper left-hand corner of Adobe Reader. Once you are in the "File" menu, select "Print Setup." From there you can choose the size at which you would like to print the flyer/poster. Standard sizes include: Letter (8.5 x 11); Legal (8.5 x 14) or Tabloid (11 x 17), though not all printers will include all of these options. Once the size is identified, click the OK button and print the file as you normally would.


MySCEmployee Time & Leave Toolkit

MySCEmployee Reference Guide: SCDOT Edition (1.6mb PDF)

SCEIS Time & Leave: Large Poster (781kb PDF)

SCEIS Time & Leave: Small Poster (773kb PDF)

SCEIS Time & Leave Entry: Full-length Article (56kb MSWord)

SCEIS Time & Leave Entry: Brief Blog Post (46kb MSWord)


MySCEmployee Security Toolkit

SCEIS Security: Full-length Article (49kb MSWord)

SCEIS Security: Brief Blog Post (23kb MSWord)


Introductory MySCEmployee Toolkit

MySCEmployee Brochure for SCDOT Employees (752kb PDF)

MySCEMployee Overview: Full-length Article (49kb MSWord)

 MySCEmployee Overview: Brief Blog Post (24kb MSWord)


SCEIS Website Toolkit

SCEIS Website Flyer/Poster (992kb PDF)

SCEIS Website: Full-length Article (54kb MSWord)

SCEIS Website: Brief Blog Post (23kb MSWord)