Terminology in SAPedia

SAP uses new terms, and it uses existing terms in new ways. Here's a starter guide to help you “translate” from legacy systems to SCEIS.

Master Data Elements
Legacy TermFinancial Accounting General Ledger (FI-GL)Controlling (CO)Funds ManagementGrants Management
Agency CodeBusiness AreaBusiness AreaBusiness AreaBusiness Area
Agency Element (or sub-element)  Funded Program 
Agency program (or sub-program)  Funded Program 
Division/Department Cost CenterFund Center 
Fund  Fund/Fund CenterFund - Internal External
MinicodeFunctional Area/Funded Program Functional Area/Funded ProgramFunctional Area/Funded Program
Object CodeG/L AccountCost ElementCommitment ItemCI to Sponsored Classes
Program/Project Internal OrderFunded ProgramSponsored Program
Project + Phase (for grant-funded)   Grant Number
Project + Phase (for non-grant-funded, i.e., capital projects)AssetInternal OrderFunded Program 
Sub FundFundFundFundFund
Human Resources & Payroll
Future (SAP) TermLegacy (State) Term
AbsenceLeave Hour/Leave Type
Absence HoursLeave Hours
Absence TypeLeave Type - e.g., sick leave, annual leave, holiday leave, etc.
AccrualLeave Accrual
Action DateEffective Date
AppraisalEPMS Document or EPMS Appraisal
AppraiserSupervisor, Manager or Appraiser
CATS (Cross Application Timesheet)Timesheet
CompensationCompensation or Payment
Compensation Base SalaryBase Pay
Compensatory TimeCompensatory Time
Concurrent EmploymentDual Employment
ContributionInsurance Premium
Cost CenterCost Center
Cost ElementExpenditure
Daily Work ScheduleWork Schedule
Development PlanTraining Plan
Employer's ContributionEmployer's Contribution
Employment StatusEmployment Status
Flex TimeFlex Time
Group Incentive WagesTeam Bonus
HiringHiring or Hire Action
Holiday CalendarHoliday Calendar
Incentive WagesOvertime, Bonus
JobState Classification
LeaveLeave (Paid or Unpaid)
Leave CompensatedLeave Paid Out
Leave EntitlementLeave Entitlement
Leave of AbsenceLeave of Absence
Leave RequestedLeave Requested
Master DataMaster Data
Normal Working TimeNormal Work Schedule or Regular Work Schedule
On CallOn Call
Organizational PlanOrganizational Chart
Organizational StructureOrganizational Structure
Organizational UnitAgency, Department, Division, Office, Section, etc.
Overtime HoursOvertime or Overtime Hours
Pay GradePay Band
Payroll PeriodPayroll Period or Pay Period
Personnel ActionPersonnel Action
Personnel FilePersonnel File
Personnel NumberID (Identification) Number or Personnel Number
Planned Working TimeWork Schedule
Position DescriptionPosition Description
Position NumberPosition Number
Premium WageReward, Incentive, Market Geographical Differential, On-Call Pay, Call Back Pay, Shift Differential, Special Assignment Pay, Temporary Pay Adjustment
Public HolidaysState Holidays
Quota OverviewEmployee Leave Summary
Reduction in ForceReduction in Force (RIF)
Reference SalaryMidpoint (of Pay Band)
Remuneration StatementPay Stub or Earnings Statement
Salary GradePay Band
Salary RangePay Band Range
Salary Range WidthPay Band Minimum-Midpoint-Maximum
Salary StatementPay Check Stub or Pay Stub
Service Comp DateAnnual Leave Date?
TaskJob Duty
Tax CompanyEmployer Identification Number (EIN)
TerminationSeparation or End of Employment by employee or employer
Time QuotaLeave Period and Work Period/Time
Time RecordingEnter Work Time or Enter Leave Time
Vacant PositionVacant Position
Wage TypesEarnings and Deductions
Work PeriodWork Week
Business Process Terms
ApprovalAuthorization to procure the required goods or services which are included in the Purchase Requisition
BiddingThe process of publishing a solicitation, receiving the vendor responses, evaluating the responses and awarding a contract
ContractAn agreement with a supplier to supply specific goods and services at an agreed price for a certain period of time
Goods ReceiptThe document acknowledging the receipt of goods or services listed on a purchase order.
Purchase OrderAn authorized document issued to a supplier-vendor to ship the listed goods or services at the specified price
Purchase RequisitionAn internal document used to request the purchasing department to procure certain goods or services.
SourcingThe process of finding and assigning a vendor to a Purchase Requisition. A requirement may be sourced by a buyer in several ways:
  • Based on an existing contract
  • Based on a previously-created purchase order
  • By getting quotes over the phone
  • By competitive bidding.