General System Issues - SRM Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors

Below is a collection of hard stop and common errors related to general system issues.  Select the Master List for a complete guide to resolving these errors, or select a topic below the Master List for a quick-reference solution to a specific issue.

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Master List

General System Issues Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors Master List (25kb PDF)


Individual Errors

 Document you are trying to open is same as the current document (25kb PDF)

Hard Stop Portal Runtime Error (25kb PDF)

Initialization of SAP GUI for html failed:[object] for portal iviews (39kb PDF)

Last query refresh failed due to internal error, contact your admin (106kb PDF)

Protocol cannot be switched to HTTPS is not configured /active, No switch to HTTPS occurred (112kb PDF)

User is unable to edit text for Notes, will not let them type (82kb PDF)

User is unable to see a field or provides a screen shot of a field that is missing (75kb PDF)



Posted: November 28, 2017