Real Estate and IT GL Documents - Executive Order 2016-06

Pursuant to the objectives established in Proviso 118.2 and Executive Order 2016-06, The Department of Administration has been ordered to implement a strategic plan for the ownership and management of the State’s real property.

  • The Executive Order requires compliance by cabinet agencies and strongly suggests that all agencies and departments follow the directives.
  •  The implementation of the plan will be a long-term process that will require new functionality either in SCEIS or tightly integrated with SCEIS.
  • Phase 1 will begin effective July 1, 2016.The CG’s Office has created GLs that must be used when processing real estate related transactions.

Please ensure that all finance and purchasing SCEIS users in your agency carefully review the following documents which were presented by The Department of Administration on May 18, 2016.


Executive Order 2016-06 (130kb PDF)



Presentation by Carlos Vesga – Implementation of a Standard Chart of Accounts (1,057kb PDF)

Presentation by SCEIS Finance – Real Estate Functionality (504kb PDF) Updated June 17, 2016

Presentation by SCEIS Materials Management – Processes for Real Estate GL Accounts (967kb PDF)

Real Estate GL Codes by GL Order (132kb PDF)

Real Estate GL Codes by Real Estate Activity (133kb PDF)

Real Estate GL Codes in Excel (34kb .xls)



IT-Related GL Codes Mapped to NIGP Codes (210kb .xls) Added August 26, 2016

Updated SCEIS Taxonomy - IT GL Assignments (72kb .xls) Added August 26, 2016

Presentation by Gartner - SCEIS Update: New IT GL Codes and Definitions (1,595kb PDF)

IT GL Codes in Excel (2,135kb .xls) 



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