Goods Receipts - ECC and SRM Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors

Below is a collection of hard stop and common errors related to Goods Receipts.  Select the Master List for a complete guide to resolving these errors, or select a topic below the Master List for a quick-reference solution to a specific issue.

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Master List

Goods Receipts Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors Master List (111kb PDF)


Individual Errors

Back-End Error Indicator for GR used not allowed (25kb PDF)

Back-End Error: With non-valuated GR please also enter GR indicator (81kb PDF)

Document 46XXXXXXXX does not contain any selectable items (25kb PDF)

Enter Stor. Location (25kb PDF)

System status CRTD is active (WBS E.E240.0068.AA000) Message no. BS013 Diagnosis Object WBS E.E240.0068.AA000 has system status CRTD (Created). According to this status, transaction 'Goods receipt for purch. order' is not allowed (26kb PDF)

Goods Receipt Reversal Quantity X,XXX.xx Greater or Equal to Invoice Quantity  X,XXX.xx (29kb PDF)


Posted: November 28, 2017