Back End Errors for Purchase Orders - SRM Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors

Below is a collection of hard stop and common errors related to Purchase Orders with a title that begins with "Back-End Error."  Select a topic for a quick-reference solution to a specific issue.

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Back-End Error: Enter Plant (27kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Account assignment cannot be changed after goods or invoice receipt (26kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Account assignment item cannot be deleted (GR/invoice exist) (26kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Annual Budget exceeded by xxxx USD (FM PB   Availability Control) for document item xxxx  (81kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Budget validity for grant xxxxxx in date xx/xx/xxxx is not valid (25kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Cannot post to year 20XX which is before current year 20XX of doc. Item 46XXXXXXXX/0000X (28kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Change to distribution indicator from/to 3 (amount based) not allowed (70kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Document item 46XXXXXXXX/000X has not yet been carried forward to the current year (83kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Enter quantity, percentage, or value for account assignment (85kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Grant xxxxxxxxx is not valid on xx/xx/xxxx. Grant is valid from  xx/xx/xxxx to  xx/xx/xxxx (25kb PDF)

Back-End Error: If only one account assignment item, choose "Single Account Assignment" (81kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Indicator for GR used not allowed (80kb PDF)

Back -End Error: No direct postings can be made to G/L acct. xxxxxxx in CoCode SC01 (79kb PDF)

Back-End Error: No direct postings can be made to G/L Account 180XXXXXXXX (27kb PDF)

Back-End Error: PO history already exist (Multiple account assignments not possible) (81kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Posting date/period xx/xx/xxx is earlier than existing date/period xx/xx/xxxx (26kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Purchase order still contains faulty items Back-End Error: Sum of amounts xxxx less than total amount xxx.xx (82kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Sum of quantities >XX.xx< larger than total quantity (24kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Sum of quantities > 99.00 <  smaller total quantity (79kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Unknown account assignment not defined for user here (26kb PDF)

Back-End Error: Use a material with order unit AU (26kb PDF)

Back-End Error: With non-valuated GR please also enter GR indicator (82kb PDF)                                                                                                


Posted: November 28, 2017