Shopping Carts - SRM Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors

Below is a collection of hard stop and common errors related to Shopping Carts.  Select the Master List for a complete guide to resolving these errors, or select a topic below the Master List for a quick-reference solution to a specific issue.

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Master List

Shopping Carts Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors Master List (97kb PDF)


Individual Errors

Approver cannot see the shopping cart in queue and has been able to in the past (27kb PDF)

Entry has too many decimal places (maximum 2) (25kb PDF)

Error in external tax system (25kb PDF)

Funds Management error: Annual budget almost exhausted for several document items (25kb PDF)

Funds Management error: Annual budget exceeded by xxx.xx USD (FMPB Availability Control) for several document items from itemxxx (25kb PDF)

Funds Management error: invalid account assignment of the availability control ledger 9H (76kb PDF)

Item Status of “Cannot Be Ordered” (79kb PDF)

Line 1: SC itm desc cannot eq Material Grp Ctrct itm desc (47kb PDF)

Line x: Block on Source of Supply (80kb PDF)

Line x: Block reason: Total block (80kb PDF)

Line x: Contact CG's Office if any vendor questions (80kb PDF)

Line x: Contract can’t be used; target value xx, xxx USD of contract exceeded by xx.xx USD (80kb PDF)

Line x: Enter the account assignment distribution details (77kb PDF)

Line x: Enter account assignment for item x (77kb PDF)

Line x: Error in account assignment for item x (77kb PDF)

Line x: For grant xxxxxxxx, program and class were not derived. Check rules (79kb PDF)

Line x: Invalid combination of grant xxxxxxxxxxxx (77kb PDF)

Line x: Supplier is not permitted (79kb PDF)

Line x: The sum of the distributed quantities must equal 1.000 EA (76kb PDF)

Line x: UM TB cannot be converted to UM EA of the corresponding contract item (25kb PDF)

Line x: You are not authorized for Cost Center (25kb PDF)

No manager with sufficient approval limit found (77kb PDF)

Not possible to calculate tax (25kb PDF)

Product xxxxxx or its view is deleted from plant xxxx or flagged for deletion (25kb PDF)

Spending Limit has been exceeded (75kb PDF)



Posted: November 27, 2017