Contracts - SRM Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors

Below is a collection of hard stop and common errors related to Contracts.  Select the Master List for a complete guide to resolving these errors, or select a topic below the Master List for a quick-reference solution to a specific issue.

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Master List

Contracts Guide to Hard Stop and Common Errors Master List (146kb PDF)


Individual Errors

Central contract cannot be completed (55kb PDF)

Contract Expired: document date xx/xx/xxxx outside contract validity xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx (81kb PDF)

Line x: Associated contract item deactivated (40kb PDF)

Line x: Contract can't be used; target value xx,xxx USD of contract exceeded by xx.xx USD (77kb PDF)

Line x: Contract item 44000XXXXXX/4 may not be changed because follow-on documents exist (39kb PDF)

Line X: Enter exactly one partner of type Location (64kb PDF)

Line x: Location xxxxxxx does not exist in corresponding contract 44xxxxxx (26kb PDF)

Line x: Target Value cannot be zero (49kb PDF)

Target value of contract cannot be less than the released value (97kb PDF)

Time zone CST is not valid in country US (several possibilities) (39kb PDF)

Updates available for document: run update report (69kb PDF)



Posted: November 28, 2017