MySCLearning Tools

MySCLearning, the state‚Äôs new learning management system, continues to be implemented across our great state.  This online system will allow state agencies to provide training in a 21st century learning environment.  As we continue to rollout MySCLearning, relevant documents relating to system implementation, functionality and usage will be posted here.    

For All Users

Tip Sheets for MySCLearning:

All Tip Sheets for MySCLearning (435kb PDF)

FAQs for MySCLearning (462kb PDF)

Troubleshooting for MySCLearning (257kb PDF)

For Managers

View Employee Activity in MySCLearning (345kb PDF)

For Agencies

Review and Update Incorrect Employee Email Addresses in SCEIS (178kb PDF)

MySCLearning Mandatory Network Settings (132kb PDF)

Technical Specifications for MySCLearning Content Assets (140kb PDF)